Community Land Trust Hall of Fame

HALL OF FAME: Image by Bonnie Acker (c) 2014Every movement needs its heroes.  It is sustained over time because of everyday people doing everyday things – every day.  It is seeded and spread, however, by extraordinary people doing extraordinary things, pushing out the boundaries of what is comfortable and possible.

The community land trust movement has had many heroes throughout its history. The best and brightest are recognized here. Taking our cue from the Cooperative Hall of Fame, we have adopted similar criteria, inducting individuals – or groups of individuals – who have:

  • Demonstrated an extraordinary degree of innovation, leadership, commitment, and vision in service to the community land trust movement;
  • Achieved identifiable and lasting changes to promote CLTs; and
  • Inspired and persuaded others to incorporate values and features of the CLT model in their own work.

CLT Hall of Fame