roots screenshot

Roots of the CLT

A four-part presentation by John Emmeus Davis on the origins and evolution of the community land trust movement in the United States.
 common ground

Common Ground

Common Ground is a narrated slide show from the early 1980s that was developed and distributed by the Institute for Community Economics (ICE). It was one of the first descriptions of the community land trust to appear in any medium other than print.
 1 more river

One More River to Cross

This 23-minute documentary was filmed in 1968 and 1969 by Glen Pearcy, an experienced photographer and novice filmmaker, while he and his wife were working for the Southwest Georgia Project in Albany, Georgia. Its special relevance for CLT practitioners is that it features two of the architects of New Communities Inc.: Charles Sherrod and C.B. King.

Northern California Land Trust

A digitized slideshow from 1976 about the origins of the Northern California Land Trust
 Mildred Loomis

Mildred Loomis and the Homesteading Movement

Mildred J. Loomis, aka “the Grandmother of the Counter Culture” discusses the homesteading movement and her association with School of Living founder Ralph Borsodi. Loomis and Borsodi both devoted their lives to the promotion of homesteading, decentralism and the Henry George movement.


Michael Sky – OPAL Community Land Trust

This land trust is creating permanently affordable homes amidst increasingly-expensive real estate on beautiful Orcas Island, Washington. Co-founder Michael Sky explains how they provide 99-year leases on the homes built on land trust property. Restrictions limiting the resale value allow owners to sell at a reasonable profit while keeping the homes affordable forever.