Papers of the National CLT Network


The abrupt cancellation by the Institute for Community Economics of the national conference planned for Portland, Oregon in 2005 was the spark that led CLT practitioners and their allies to form a new organization that might better represent the interests of CLTs throughout the United States. The Portland conference was saved and, at an open meeting that followed the conference, 25 leaders of the CLT movement agreed to serve on an interim board that would lay the foundation for a National CLT Network. In 2006, the bylaws and blueprint for the Network were ratified at the national conference in Boulder, Colorado. Contained in this Archive are materials that document the thinking and planning that went into creating the  Network. Included, too, are newsletters and strategic plans, tracing the evolution of the Network’s activities.[useyourdrive dir=”0B-QVTxoYndp3UG5DWlZJOXM0cUE” mode=”files” viewrole=”administrator|editor|author|contributor|subscriber|guest” filedate=”0″ filelayout=”list” downloadrole=”administrator|editor|author|contributor|subscriber|guest”]