Troy Gardens Archive

The Troy Gardens archive contains all development documents relating to the Troy Gardens project of the Madison Area Community Land Trust (MACLT).  Based on the complexity of the project and the variety of uses on the site (mixed-income cohousing, a CSA farm, community gardens, and a restored prairie), MACLT encountered nearly every issue a CLT can encounter in doing a development project.  As such, MACLT has decided to make the full archive of documents relating to Troy Gardens available, in order to serve as a resource to other CLTs interested in doing mixed-use projects of this type.

DISCLAIMER:  None of these documents should be used “as-is” on other projects, as each project has unique features and legal issues that make them quite different than Troy Gardens.  Organizations should consult with their own professional service provides (attorney, architect, accountant, etc.) before utilizing any of the content contained in these documents.[useyourdrive dir=”0B-QVTxoYndp3UGxoNmZKMlB6dkE” mode=”files” viewrole=”administrator|editor|author|contributor|subscriber|guest” filedate=”0″ filelayout=”list” downloadrole=”administrator|editor|author|contributor|subscriber|guest”]